• Mycelium
  • Altered State Machine

I’m an Investment Manager–one of the first points of contact for founders when raising and/or in need of support. My experience lends itself to helping leaders define and execute high-value strategies with simplicity, velocity, and alignment. Of the air3 investments, I support the teams at Altered State Machine and Mycelium.

My journey in crypto started in 2018 when a cognitive sciences lecturer raved about the decentralisation of the internet. Then, I cut my first cheque into a startup called MaidSafe–a team building the world’s first autonomous and decentralised network.

As with many, 2021's NFT Summer truly sucked me into the web3 wormhole. The rise of community-owned businesses, decentralisation of economic power, and innovations in interoperability fascinate me. I find the consumer incentive structures enabled by crypto-economics particularly interesting.

Web3, at its core, is a database innovation. Having worked across the full cloud computing stack, I’ve seen first-hand the value creation driven by developments in this space. Ever curious, I’m always up for expanding my views of what could be and discussing what founders need to thrive in web3. So if you have a view on either, I look forward to hearing from you.