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Hey folks, I’m one of AirTree’s Investment Managers working on developing the Air3 crypto practice and have supported several of our first crypto investments in Zeta markets and Immutable.

I’ve been fascinated by crypto since 2014, when I started reading about the history of cryptography in Simon Singh’s The Code Book. At the time, I merely thought of cryptography as a substrate of spycraft and hadn't considered its potential across modern finance, data ecosystems or intellectual property. As you can imagine, it’s been an eye-opening ride since.

Before AirTree, I worked at Reinventure, the venture arm of one of Australia’s largest banks. There I was first exposed to the scale at which crypto impacted the world, having invested in Coinbase and Polychain Capital. It was also front-row seats to seeing all the passion and thought being poured into crypto, but also, in certain respects, gave a lens to the acknowledgement that web3 could solve some of the issues in traditional finance.

Crypto is a community and the community is ever-growing. I experienced this first-hand after co-founding an Asian-Centric NFT project, and building a Twitter following to a chaotic 120K+ at its peak. It's been profound working shoulder to shoulder with the folks in the space, full of energy, talent and ambition. I’m a student at heart, so it’s energising sinking my teeth into a torrent of brilliant ideas being built and helping folks find their feet in the space. If you’re building or simply exploring crypto, please reach out.