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Hey, I’m Steph. 

I’m an Investment Research Manager. This means I'm a web3 investment manager but also help with all the random web3 stuff here, including education and internal and external thought leadership.

I only do web3. I was hired at AirTree as a resident blockchain nerd, and all my time is spent on web3. I work remotely and asynchronously, so I’m happy to meet you at a time that works for you, no matter where you live.

I bet you’re sick of VCs that don’t get it. My hope is that you can pitch me at a crypto native level, so we spend less time on the basics and more on how you’re building the future.

Before AirTree, I spent time helping DAOs, projects and coins with tokenomics, strategy, ethical design and community. I’m also a mentor for the Gitcoin blockchain fellowship program, KERNEL.

I don’t think we’re early, but I don’t think we’re late either. One of the things I’m passionate about is funding the kinds of projects that will help build out the blockchain space in the right way. I’m looking for new ideas for old problems